Petition to ask Massachusetts to Create an Animal Abuse Registry

PETITION: Enforce an Animal Abuse Registry

TARGET: Massachusetts General Court

Currently a law is being reviewed in the state of Massachusetts to enforce a new Animal Abuse Registry. Much like a Sex Offender Registry, those who’ve committed abuse will be forced onto the list. The way it works is that anyone convicted of animal abuse would have to register their name, address and photograph with the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services, which would maintain the registry. This computerized list would then be available to breeders, shelters, and stores so that they can check it before sending an animal home with someone. If a merchant does not check the list before a sale or knowingly give an animal to someone on the list, they would be held responsible. Under the current proposal, drafted by Representative Steven Howitt, the registry would be paid for by the offenders who would be charged a $50 maintenance fee each year. At no extra cost to non-offending taxpayers, this proposed legislation has tremendous potential to curb the actions of people who habitually harm pets.
A similar bill is being passed in Tennessee and will go in effect in January 2016, however many more states should consider jumping on board. Help us get the court to pass this bill in Massachusetts, and hopefully get the entire country on board!


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Recent Supporters

Marcel Alexandrovich
  • 2 months ago
selva millheiser
  • 3 months ago
Every state should have an animal abuse registry. Animal abuse must never be tolerated. It is also linked to human abuse. In 100% of human sexual homicide cases, abusers first victims were animals.
anne Leung
  • 5 months ago
Sylvia Tyree
  • 10 months ago
There NEEDS to be an animal abuse registry!
Bob the builder
  • 11 months ago
Bianca Roxas
  • 1 year ago
People who refuse this law are just random people trying to make excuses that they hate cute, warm and fuzzy animals, like cartoon villains. This just sounds like common sense, so clearly a lot of people don't have any.
Deborah Parrish
  • 1 year ago
Brandy Hopkins
  • 1 year ago
Axa Tolonen
  • 1 year ago
Monique Correa
  • 1 year ago