Ban Live Animals in Keychains

PETITION: Ban Live Animal Keychains

TARGET: Xi Jinping President of the People's Republic of China

A scary trend is picking up on the streets of China, where vendors are selling live turtles and other amphibious animals in an enclosed plastic bag. The animals can only survive a few days until they suffocate or starve to death. In the best case scenario, they're freed from their prisons and end up as pets to people who aren't prepared to care for them. We are asking the President of China to stand out against this fashion trend, and save these poor trapped animals from their living grave. Please help us by signing the petition and sharing.


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Recent Supporters

Bianca Roxas
  • 2 days ago
If you just made plastic or painted wooden turtles, you could have sold more, especially if you said your company supported the environment. This is way too inefficient. They are just not creative enough to use their imagination to make fake turtles and other amphibians.
Holly Scapelliti
  • 4 days ago
Tamara Schrama
  • 1 month ago
christiane roux
  • 2 months ago
Marcia Errett
  • 4 months ago
Let's put "You" in a plastic bag and watch you suffer! Sick.
Axa Tolonen
  • 4 months ago
Jean Cass
  • 4 months ago
Patsy Brewer
  • 4 months ago
Heartbreaking to see that some people have found this acceptable. I hope we (the people) band together and put a stop to this.
Sufi Zahid
  • 5 months ago
shayla godfrey
  • 5 months ago
this is just frkn cruel and no animal deserves to be treated this way