Ban Pig Gestation Crates

PETITION: Ban Pig Gestation Crates

TARGET: Governor Phil Murphy

Gestation crates are very small metal cages where a mother pig, crated by pig producers, is confined for most of her life. The cages are so small that a mother pig can barely take a step back or forward. They are forced to stand in one place while carrying piglets. Pigs are also known to be one of the smartest animals besides humans, and scientists are claiming that the small parameters are having tremendous mental and psychological effects on the captive swine. Nine states have completely banned gestation crates yet in New Jersey, Phil Murphy has not taken steps to do the same. The legislation is passed, however, he has not signed the bill to put it into effect. Join us in urging Governor Christie to sign the bill.


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Recent Supporters

Nathalie Cordiero
  • 2 weeks ago
Nathalie Cordiero
  • 2 weeks ago
Marcel Alexandrovich
  • 3 months ago
How come such of atrocities are even allowed to happen?? They are sentients, dont you have compassion & compassion towards those innocent souls?? Please stop this
anne Leung
  • 5 months ago
Sue Mcguey
  • 7 months ago
Sylvia Tyree
  • 10 months ago
Randy Cromwell
  • 10 months ago
What a horrible thing to do to another living creature. Governor Christie, why are you okay with this? Are you completely without empathy or compassion? Sincerely, Randy Cromwell
Bob the builder
  • 11 months ago
Leslie Medina
  • 11 months ago
Pigs are wonderful animals, at least as smart as dogs if not smarter. A pet pig can be house-trained. Pigs should not be tortured and, frankly, not eaten by anybody!
Bianca Roxas
  • 1 year ago
They are just too arrogant to admit that they can't pay for extra space for the pigs because of their cartoon villain level greed. If they need happiness in life, find a real therapist, not make your money the therapist.