Pass a Virginia law to protect dogs in harsh weather

PETITION: Pass a Virginia Law to protect dogs in harsh weather conditions

TARGET: Virginia State House and Virginia State Senate Governor Ralph Northam

As recent extreme weather has made us all aware, it is extremely important to protect our pets indoors in these conditions. There is currently not a law in place to force pet owners in VA to bring their animals indoors in extreme weather conditions. This petition is asking that there be a law that forces pet owners to bring their household pets indoors when the temperature drops below 35 degrees and when it is above 85 degrees. There are numerous examples of pets being left outdoors in these conditions and unfortunately dying. There was basically no punishment for the owners, which is absolutely crazy. Please sign and help us send a message of change.

Two Pit Bull Dogs Freeze to Death in Frederick County, VA

Owner gets second animal cruelty charge after pit bull dies from heat stroke in Henrico, VA

Two dogs die of heat stroke in Newport News, VA

Suffolk, VA woman charged with cruelty in dog death

Dog dies of excessive heat in Bristol, VA

Dog freezes to death in Accomack County, VA (Rainbow)

Dog Dies After Being Left in Hot Car Outside Virginia PetSmart

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Recent Supporters

anne Leung
  • 2 days ago
Bianca Roxas
  • 7 months ago
This petition might sound boring, but to a pet owner or an animal lover, it is 1 or more precious lives taken for them.
emma reumann
  • 8 months ago
Deborah Parrish
  • 9 months ago
ThomasbusitLI ThomasbusitLI
  • 10 months ago
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Monique Correa
  • 12 months ago
Mark Murray
  • 1 year ago
People should be a LOT more conscience of animals that are NOT under their Immediate Care & watch!!
PrestonrahVO PrestonrahVO
  • 1 year ago
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