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Safehaven Small Breed Rescue

Safehaven Small Breed Rescue

Pooh was a 12 year old breeder who developed breast cancer after years of being bred every heat. Her life consisted of a tiny wire cage in a cold, damp shed. Her only purpose was to produce puppies for her master. When she was no longer of any use, she was discarded like yesterdays trash, taken to a high kill shelter to be destroyed. Thankfully, she was found in time and brought to Tionesta PA in 2006 where she received the medical treatment she so needed. Pooh arrived with pneumonia, advanced breast cancer, eye ulcers and infected skin. We knew she did not have much time here on earth, but we vowed to give her the best time we could. Pooh lived comfortably for another 4 years, being pampered and loved every day. Through her years of suffering, Pooh opened the door for many many more puppy mill survivors and Safehaven was born. Since then, over 500 dogs who would have never had a chance in traditional shelters have been saved, rehabilitated and found loving forever homes.

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