Kromfohrländer, also nicknamed Kromi, is the name of this companion dog that originated in Germany. A smart and good-natured animal, the Kromfohrländer has made its name for being a loyal companion and for being a “people” dog. The Kromfohrländer comes with two kinds of fur: smooth and wirehaired. The first type of hair makes the dog look more like a spaniel while the second resembles a terrier.

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Many imposters and lookalikes have been named a Kromfohrländer, but there is no chance of a rescue dog being a true Kromfohrländer. This is due to the fact that there are very few Kromfohrländers outside of Europe to begin with. These dogs are all chipped and are bred selectively, so any pure Kromfohrländer would have to be found overseas. That being said, the Kromfohrländer, and any imposters, make for cute and loyal pets.


Originating in Germany in the 1940s, the Kromfohrländer descends from a military mascot dog. As a matter of fact, the Kromfohrländer is the only dog that does. The original Kromfohrländer, so named “Peter” was found during World War II in France. He had come to France with his “troop” but after getting lost was found by Ilsa Schleifenbaum and brought to Germany. That is where the original Kromfohrländer was bred with other dogs for 10 years.

The first smooth Kromfohrländer to be introduced to America came in 1997 while the wirehaired Kromfohrländer came to America in 2000. Officially the Kromfohrländer was added to the American Kennel Club’s Foundation Stock Service in 2012, and the first time a Kromfohrländer was exhibited in America was in 2013 at a United Kennel Club dog show that was being held in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It wasn’t until December 2014 in Orlando, Florida that the Kromfohrländers actually competed in the American Kennel Club’s Open Show.


The Kromfohrländer is considered a medium-sized dog. The average height of a Kromfohrländer is 15 to 18 inches, no matter if male or female. The weight average for a male Kromfohrländer is 24 to 35 pounds. On the other hand, the Kromfohrländer female averages 20 to 31 pounds.


Being bred to be a companion dog, it is no surprise that a Kromfohrländer is a very lively and good-natured pet. Along with being friendly, Kromfohrländers are also intelligent, although they do not have a strong hunting instinct. Kromfohrländers love to play and run around and can easily adapt to any situation they find themselves in.

The Kromfohrländer is known to be loyal as well and normally stays close by to their owners. As with many dogs, they are hesitant about strangers, but after time, they learn to become friends. The same goes for children. There are no problems with Kromfohrländers and new additions to the family becoming the best of friends.


There are a few health problems that come up in the health records of Kromfohrländers; they include: epilepsy, cystinuria (buildup of amino acids in the urine), hyperkeratosis and patellar luxation (knee dislocation).

The Kromfohrländer is a breed with very little genetics and is also very difficult to acquire. Currently, there is a breeding project underway that is working to expand the Kromfohrländer genetics.


The Kromfohrländer needs to be walked daily due to its love of being active and moving around. Because this dog breed loves to play and run, higher levels of activity are important for a Kromfohrländer.

A unique quality of the Kromfohrländer is the ability to stay clean even when it rolls around in dirt. This does not mean that it doesn’t need a bath, but maybe not as frequently as most dogs. On the other hand, the Kromfohrländer does shed like most dogs do, normally twice a year. This means the normal broom and vacuum routine will definitely be needed.

Kromfohrländers enjoy being home with their family. They are not happy being in a crate or housed separately from their owners. Keep them close. Playing with toys is something Kromfohrländers will do on their own and are happy doing it, but welcome playing with their owners too.

As for training, the Kromfohrländer is very smart, and often can handle longer training sessions than other breeds. They have a strong focus and a long attention span. For Kromfohrländers, positive reinforcement is the best way to train them, but mild correction is acceptable for unwanted actions.


Here is a link to the Kromfohrländer Club of America. Please check your local area for other rescues near you or to learn more about this breed.


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