Lagotto Romagnolo

The Lagotto Romagnolo comes from the Romagna area of Italy. The name means “lake dog from Romagnolo”—the word lago meaning lake. The name directly links to the original function of a Lagotto Romagnolo: a water retriever or gundog. The newest, most modern job of the Lagotto Romagnolo it to hunt for truffles.

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The color of a Lagotto Romagnolo can range in color as well as shade. Anywhere between a dark yellow to a dark brown and the rest in the middle. Solid colors are also possible with off-white, white and brown Lagotto Romagnolos. They can also be found in white with brown, orange patches or roan.  Often times the white markings on a Lagotto Romagnolo disappear as the dog gets older.

It’s important to know that the Lagotti (the plural of Lagotto) make for smart, caring, strong, loving pets to add to the family. Being good with kids and being socialized at a young age, so they can be okay with other animals, the Lagotto Romagnolo offers a full range of positive characteristics to many owners.

An interesting fact, Lagotto puppies have been crucial in the research for epilepsy. Researchers in Finland found a mutation in a gene that has been directly linked to the remission stages. They are helpful dogs in more ways than one.


This breed of dog goes back centuries, although there is no definitive time stamp. What is known is that the country of origin is Italy. It has been seen that animals portrayed in older scenes of hunting and fishing look exactly like the Lagotto Romagnolo. These scenes have been seen in the Etruscan necropolis of Spina as well as described by Linneus, a Swedish naturalist of the 18th Century.

Although an ancient breed, the Lagotto Romagnolo was only just recognized in 2016 by the American Kennel Club.


The Lagotto Romagnolo is considered a medium-sized dog. The average height of a male Lagotto is 17 to 19 inches, while a female is between 16 to 18 inches in height. The weight average for a male Lagotto is 29 to 35 pounds. On the other hand, the Lagotto Romagnolo female averages 24 to 32 pounds.


Lagotto Romagnolos are working dogs. Sharp senses and sensitive to motion, they are also very loyal and loving family pets. They are also good with children and do well with other animals if trained with good socialization skills as puppies.

Not only are they good with kids and other animals, but they are good by themselves too. A little bit of alone time is not a problem for them. Lagotto Romagnolos are high energy as well as affectionate, keen and not very demanding. Lagotti are not aggressive animals and not shy either.


Lagotto Romagnolos live for about 16 years, and there are a few health issues that may arise; some attribute these issues to poor breeding.

Some issues include hip dysplasia, benign juvenile epilepsy, cerebral anomaly, Lysosomal Storage Disease, incorrect coat, and Lysosomal storage diseases.


Make sure to give Lagotti a place to dig. That is one thing they love to do. You can consider a sandbox or even a specific place in the yard to dig, but don’t be surprised when you find holes in the ground if you don’t give them a designated place.

Lagotto Romagnolos need daily exercise as they need not only stimulation for their bodies but for their minds too. Lagotti enjoy games where they need to find something, which goes along with their gundog instincts. They love to swim, so that is always an option for activity. Some Lagotti are easy to train while others take work, as with many breeds. If Lagotto Romagnolos are going to be trained to find truffles, that needs to start when they are very young.

Some say that weekly grooming is important while others say the coat should be left to grow out. Either way, mats can cause skin irritation and problems for a Lagotto Romagnolos, so make sure to keep them free of any. Due to the nature of the curly and fluffy hair, it is recommended to cut down the hair of a Lagotto Romagnolos one a year. Also, Lagotti are low-shedding dogs, which definitely helps with the daily clean up.


Here is a link to the Lagotto Romagnolo Club in America. Please check your local area for other rescues near you or to learn more about this breed.


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